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Important Regulations For CBD Products In The EU.

The information in this article is not intended to provide legal advice from Wonda. All information is based on external sources. Wonda cannot ensure the absolute accuracy of the data presented. If you’re looking for more details, we suggest contacting your regional law enforcement agency or the attorney general’s office. CBD products that contain cannabidiol have seen a huge increase in sales on markets across the globe over the last few years. CBD products, bars, oil, skin care products, powders, or gummies, regardless of the form or shape, CBD items are the latest trend for the public.

Here are a few more details about CBD products

CBD is one of the Cannabinoids that do not possess the potential for dependence or create a “high.” CBD can be derived directly from hemp or synthesized in a lab. It gained popularity as a healthy treatment for various health problems and provides a variety of health benefits:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Aiding insomnia
  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Reducing the risk of addiction
  • Treating seizures

EU rules for CBD products

Numerous brands have recognized the advantages that come from CBD and are offering various CBD products. If you’re also looking to launch the first CBD product line, keeping the following EU guidelines for CBD products in mind is essential.

CBD Food Products

All food products sold in the European Union must fulfill the general safety requirements set out in the Regulation on the General Principles of Food Law within the EU. If you want to learn about food and drink regulations within the EU, read our blog post about “The 7 essential Food and Beverage certifications for your private label brand”.

Under an EU regulation that regulates food supplements, those that contain CBD are regarded as a “novel food” in the European Union. Novel foods were not intended for consumption by humans within the EU before 1997, when the novel food regulation was enacted. Novel Foods are only offered for sale in the EU after the European Commission has approved them. The food can only be approved if it meets certain requirements, including being safe, free of negative nutritional effects, and not deceiving consumers. As of now, CBD products aren’t licensed in the EU at this time.

CBD Products
CBD Products

Is it, therefore, legal to market CBD products within the EU?

In terms of whether it’s permissible to market products with CBD within the EU, The EU has permitted cannabis indica L. varieties so provided they are registered in the Common Catalogue of Varieties of Agricultural Plants and that the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) does not exceed a level of 0.2 percent. While CBD items are legally available in most European countries, each EU member can create its laws in their respective countries, so they must be followed. CBD regulations must be double-checked in every nation you plan to sell CBD products.

CBD cosmetic products

In general, cosmetics are required to adhere to specific safety guidelines that are described in Article 3. Cosmetics Regulation. Some substances are prohibited from being used in cosmetics, such as cannabis. But, this is limited to specific components that comprise the plant and excludes the leaves and seeds in the cannabis plant. The EU also allows CBD cosmetics composed of leaves and roots but not the tops of the fruiting parts that grow from cannabis. CBD cosmetics can be legally sold within the EU as antioxidants or anti-sebum, skincare, and skincare.

Making the own CBD products using wonda

The interest of customers in CBD products has increased dramatically. If you know the rules and regulations for CBD products, consider leveraging this trend to sell your CBD products. The most well-known CBD products include:

  • CBD oil
  • CBD products for hair and skin, like creams, face masks, serums, soaps, or creams
  • CBD vape oils
  • CBD edibles such as gummies, cookies, or power bars
  • CBD pet products

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