HVAC Maintenance Tips All Homeowners Should Know

Most homeowners truly search for ways to save money on home repairs. Certainly, one of your biggest expenses may come in the shape of repairs to your heating and cooling system. A functional HVAC unit produces a happy homeowner.


There are simple HVAC maintenance tips that may prolong the lifespan of your system. Learning how to do your preventive maintenance can maximize efficiency.


What’s an HVAC system?


This is a good question! HVAC means heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This technique keeps your property or office space at an appropriate temperature. We understand the extremes Texans face when it comes to outside temperatures and how important it is for your indoor space to be reliable. Your HVAC system also works to provide you with excellent air quality and promote energy efficiency.


To keep your system in good condition, continue reading for useful recommendations on properly maintaining your HVAC system.


1. Replace Filters


Replace your filters every 90 days for better efficiency. If you are using your unit significantly more than normal or if your unit is older, your filter may have to be changed more often.

A good way to judge if your filter needs replacing is if it’s covered in dust and air can no longer flow.

Don’t accept cheap filters. This is one area that may cost you down the line. Air filters are a big way, and you can find new and improved products on the market.

Air filters easily change by slipping out the old filter and then sliding in the newest one.


2. Check Your Unit’s Clearance


It is important to help keep your unit without any obstruction. When you have trees or shrubs near your outside unit, regular HVAC maintenance includes cutting back limbs.

A safe clearance for your unit is two feet.


3. Clean the Condensate Drain Line


Your HVAC system includes a condensate drain line. If this line becomes clogged, it can cause your system to freeze and fail to use properly.

Cleaning the line is another quick fix. Detach the line and pour a pot of bleach or vinegar to completely clean out the sediment, algae, and mold that may build up.


4. Keep Your Evaporator and Condenser Coils Clean


Both your indoor and outdoor HVAC units have coil systems. These coils must remain without any debris for consistent airflow to help keep the units running.

One sign of blocked coils is the system may no longer turn on.

Cleaning the coils is another quick HVAC maintenance hack. Be mindful and follow the coil cleaner instructions. If the coils become damaged, it can be a costly repair.


5. Check Air Ducts During HVAC Maintenance


This can be a simple maintenance procedure. With the system running, walk through your house to ensure that air is flowing through the vents.

If you may not have the air coming through, make sure the vents are fully open and obstructed.

It can be advisable not to close a lot of vents. The more vents you close, the harder the system must work.


6. Check for Tears in Air Ducts


Sometimes critters can enter your attic and damage your air ducts. If you feel air has been restricted, check for damage.

A sign of torn ducts is insulation debris blowing during your vents.

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